Doing Little Bitter
4.1% abv

Our take on the classic English best bitter. Toffee coloured and hoppy. Initial biscuit sweetness from the Maris Otter/Crystal malt mix gives in to a long, dry, fruity finish achieved through a combination of 3 great hops: Challenger, Fuggles and American Cascade.

Challenger hops are smooth with floral characters and some spicy notes. Fuggles (an aroma hop) dates back to the late 1800’s. American Cascade delivers an everso slightly citrus/grapefruit taste and aroma.

ABV 4.1%

Where does the name come from?

A play on words from the title of the famous film 'Doctor Dolittle', made in the village back in 1967. Photographs of the film can be seen at The Castle Inn Hotel.

Tasting notes


Biscuit sweetness/smoky.

Challenger/ Fuggles/American Cascade hops, barley, wheat and water.

Available formats
500ml bottles, 5/9/18/36 pint boxes, 4.5/9 gallon barrels

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