Bybrook Bitter
3.5% abv

An easy-drinking beer, smooth and balanced. Golden brown with a hint of sweetness and a mildly spicy aroma. Developed from a well known Polish hop variety, Marynka. This hop is primarily used to create bitterness and is often found in pilsners and lagers. However, it can also create both earthy and herbal tones. In the UK it is often used in pale ale’s and porter.

ABV 3.5%

Where does the name come from?

Named after the Bybrook river that runs through the Castle Combe village. The Bybook powered mills from Roman times until  the1980’s and now supports many rare meadow and aquatic plants, and the endangered White-Clawed Crayfish.

Tasting notes

Malty/mildly spicy.


Marynka hops, barley, wheat and water.

Available formats
500ml bottles, 5/9/18/36 pint boxes, 4.5/9 gallon barrels

Bybrook Bitter
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